"It would be wonderful if I can ispire others, who are struggling to realize their dreams, to say 'if this country kid could do it, let me keep slogging away'." -Douglas Englelbart

Engelbart doug

Douglas Engelbart was born on January 30th 1925 in Portland, Oregon. He was raised on a farm with his brother and sister and then went to Oregon State University after highschool. Before he could finish, he joined the Navy and spent a few years as a radio technition in the Phillipenes. He then returned to Oregon State University and got a bachelors degree in electricl engeneering. He wanted to make computers that ordenary people could operate. He Received a P.H.D from the University of California, Berkeley and was eventually able to open his own lab.

Mr. Englelbart revolutionized computers. Before him, computers were complex devices that only a trained technition could operate. After his invention of the mouse in 1964 as well as presentaion programs, hypertext-links and countless other advancemaents, things changed and computers were on track to become the user friendly, portable, easy-to-use machines they are today. He did not receive a pattent for the mouse untill 1970. An amazingly enough he did obtain any comensation for his invention until Apple bought the rights to it for 40,000 dollars. In 1997 he received full recognition for his invention and was awarded the 500,000 dolllar Lemelson-MIT prize. His phylisophy throughout life was that as technology is getting better and faster, we need to do the same as a people in order to keep up and hopefully stay ahead. He was a brilliant man who is still receiving awards for his truly revolutionary work. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

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