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On the left, an SSD, on the right, a HDD

the internals of a HDD

Hard Disk Drive[]

The HDD, or Hard Disk Drive is a form of computer storage consisting of, shockingly, a hard disk. This disk is what holds the information for later access, even when the power is turned off. Since its invention in 1956 by IBM, HDD technology has advanced massively, although they are now becoming obsolete with the introduction of SSDs.

HDDs are responsible for storing most of the information on your computer, from your operating system to the screenshots you take is stored on your hard drive. These can be internal or external, but almost every computer will come with an internal hard drive that can be augmented with an external system after purchase if you wish. There are varying amounts of storage and speed available for varying prices, however access speed is the limiting factor and the reason that HDDs are being overshadowed. The access speed is directly proportional to the rpm (rotations per minute) of the disk. Said disks can only spin so fast before exploding, and even the fastest HDDs are massively slower than a mid-range SSD. At this point, the only reason to use HDDs is if you want to store a massive amount of information for very cheap, but with a slow access speed. Even the newest generation of game consoles, the Xbox Series X and S, and Playstation Five, are now using SSDs where previously they had high performance HDDs. This has resulted in a large jump in load times and download speeds, all for the same cost new as the old generation. This goes to show how little HDDs are used in the current technology environment.


In conclusion, Hard Disk Drives have gotten us to where we are now in computer technology, and the existence of computers themselves would not be possible without their invention . But there is no longer any reason to use them in most computers with the invention and comparable prices of the much faster SSDs.