Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both born in 1973, are commonly known as the creators of Google (named after the word googol, a number followed by 100 zeros). From a young age, both Page and Brin were interested in technology, especially computer science. The pair met while attending graduate school at Stanford. By 1996, they began to formulate ideas for a search engine. A few of the key factors Page and Brin took into consideration, were relevance, ranking and popularity of a website. Together they studied how often certain websites were used and how they were linked with other websites. Through this research, they were able to conclude which websites were used the most and which ones were used the least. After two short years, Google was launched. Because Google began as a search engine, and has just recently become more, you make wonder how the company attained so much revenue. The answer to this question is advertising. Google advertises through Google “AdWords ” and Google “AdSense ”.


There are many characteristics that make Google so loved. One of these characteristics is the design and simplicity of the search engine. Unlike many other search engines, Google, is free from flashing advertisements and crazy web designs. It has a classic home page that is easy to use and familiar to all who have used it.

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Today, Google is much more than a search engine, it is a place to email, store, share, plan, watch and more. It is also the creator of Microsoft, a branch of the company that supplies computers, word processing and more. With about 20,000 employees, a steady rise in proceeds, and a continuous flow of innovative ideas, it is easy to believe that Google is one of the most successful business in the world.

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