Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born into a comfortable home in 1984 in Dobbs Ferry, New York. When he was 12 years old, he used the Atari program BASIC to create a computer messaging program, which he named "Zucknet". Zucknet was used by his father, who was a dentist, to communicate with his receptionist, and by his mother and three other siblings at home. Mark also created computer games with the help of his artists who were his friends. He also created a music program called Synapse, similar to what is now known as Pandora. Synampse was of interest to both Microsoft and Aol, who both wished to recruit him. However, he refused, and went to Harvard to continue his study of computers. Edit


Mark Zuckerberg, the co-creator of Facebook

While in school, he and his roomates Dutsin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes came up with a social networking website they called “The Facebook”. The idea behind this website came from his first, more facetious website, which allowed people to vote between who two photos on who they thought was Hot or Not?

Facebook is now popular all around the world and has over 850 million members. Facebook has helped people to connect in a way that was not possible before, by giving people a place to spread information and create groups or organizations. In 2007, Mark Zuckerberg was named the world's youngest billionare, and continues to benefit financially from the Facebook website (as seen on "" ). He was also voted number nine in Forbes Magazine, for Forbes Most Powerful People, and is sited to have a net worth of 9.4 billion dollars.

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