A Modem is a device that enables a computer to transmits data over data such as, telephone or cables lines. A data or information transmitted over telephones lines are transmitted in form of Analog waves. Types of the modem:

This is a modern Modem.

Ethernet Modems; that's plug into the network cards in the computer and WIRELESS MODEM is connected to a computer that uses a wireless LAN. there is one standard interface, which is used to connect the internal modem to computers that have a Rs-232 port. any External Modem can be attached to any computers that have an RS-232 port. Also, there are internal modems that come with an extension board. An external modem can be a box or anything that has a shape of a
square and it's attached to the computer's COM port via a cable. Most available modern modems include analog, (DSL) Digital subscriber line, Cable and integrated Digital service Network. A dial-up modem can download up to 56kilobit per sec. in form to connect a phone to the internet using a dial-up modem, it must first connect to Service provider (SP). modem helps router to be able to connect to all networks. characteristic of a modem: some modem allows users to send data at a faster rate, some also allow your computer to receive calls in your absence.




type of USD modem