An average modern-day computer monitor, with LCD technology.


A typical CRT monitor, reminiscent of the good ol' 90s.

THE MOST AWESOMEST COMPUTER MONITOR: A Thoroughly-Researched Technology Biography by phoobz and noomz.

A monitor is the electronic display screen for a computer, the most important of the peripherals . It displays signals from the computer body in a visual medium. Most desktop monitors use liquid crystal display (LCD) or cathode ray tube (CRT) technology, while the majority of laptop computers use only LCD. LCD takes up less space than CRT, which is why it’s used to make thinner screens. Obviously, as time went on and LCD technologies improved, computer monitors became thinner and thinner. [1]

A cathode ray tube monitor uses a giant vacuum tube in the back of the monitor, with a cathode holding a heated filament which points forward towards the screen. It fires off electrons in response to signals from the computer, whose directions are altered by electromagnets that ring the cathode. On the back of the glass plate, also known as the screen, are millions of tiny phosphor dots. They combine in groups of three - red, blue, and green - to form pixels. This happens 50 - 100 times per


This is a monitor lizard, which can grow up to 9 feet in size and looks sort of like a dinosaur.

second to create the picture that we see. The term pixel comes from the phrase "pixel element". [2]

A liquid crystal display monitor is made of two plates of polarized glass pressed together, between which a liquid crystal material responds to electric currents sent across it. Instead of creating light, like a cathode ray tube monitor, the liquid crystal blocks out most light, allowing only a few specific wavelengths (what we interpret as colors) show across the face of the glass. [3]

The monitor receives its signals from the video card located in the main computer body. It is powered through the power supply. Without this, it would just be a dark lifeless hunk of metal. Monitors are threatened with extinction, so it is very important that we educate and empassion the online community, and hence the global community, about these wondrous creatures.


Is it a turtle? Is it a dinosaur? NO! It's a monitor.


Wow look at this kid he has a huge monitor! Boy I wish I were him.