The Motherboard

Summary: What is a Motherboard?

Every desktop computer has a motherboard. Without the motherboard, no computer could work. The Motherboard is the foundation your computer is build on; the “bedrock” of any computer system. Everything your computer needs, is either directly attached to it, or in some way connected.Edit

How does it work?

The motherboard is the power source for all the things your computer needs to be able to work. It holds them in place, makes path ways, and gives the computer parts a chance to communicate and work with another.Edit

How does it work with the system?

The key component on the motherboard is the CPU, “Central Processing Unit” which is located behind a big fan. The CPU is what does all the processing of your computer, and is the “main thing in the system that makes the computer run.”Edit

Near the processor, you have the “Chip Set.” That is what allows all the computer parts to communicate.Edit

On the side, attached directly to the motherboard are the connectors, for integrated peripherals. Such as: for the keyboard and the mouse . These are often found on older models, the motherboards today use USB instead.Edit

Down the side of the motherboard are a number of slots, which are made for expansion cards. Anything that is not built in the system, and you want to add, you put in these slots.Edit

At last, the most important key component of the motherboard is the power. The power supply is “directly connected with a series of cables to bring different types of power to different parts of the motherboard.“ ====


The 1982 Motherboard

History of the Motherboard:

As you can see right here, the motherboard pictured to the left side of the screen, is much less evolved from the one below. This motherboard is from 1982. Back then, computers were much bigger than they were ten years latter; Therefore this motherboard is much larger compared to the other ones. The fan was a much smaller object, and not located directly on the motherboard, but on the side. The slots for Random Access Memory (RAM) and other technical cards needed ten years latter, were not used in the same system, and therefore not needed as much on this motherboard.

Oimg GC01977578 CA01977593

The 1992 Motherboard

As you can see, the motherboard Edit

pictured here is much more evolved Edit

than the one above. This motherboard is from 1992, ten years after 1982, the motherboard above. Over the ten years that have passed since 1982, the computers went down sizes and became much smaller; therefore this motherboard is much is smaller than the one above. We have a much more evolved motherboad now. We have the fan located directly on the motherboard in 1992, instead like above, on the side in 1982. We have many more slots for memory cards, the system was upgraded. We alos have battery packs on different parts of the motherboard. They are back up batteries, so if the computer shutes down, you have a "back up" batteries and doesnt fully shut down right away. Edit

Let us see what the future brings us... Edit

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