By: Johanna Stitt-Abow

The motherboard is the literal “mother” of the entire computer, helping mostly with the memory of the computer, but is also used with many more components. It was created and upgraded from a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to the motherboard in the 1990s. The CPU and memory were both created on the PCB, but have grown largely on the motherboard. A lot has changed, since computers used gears and linking wires to connect the PCB’s components.

The motherboard consists of a thin, firm piece of plastic, that has aluminum foil or copper mixed in with it. This piece of foil or copper is connecting all the computer’s components. Two main connectors are the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA), and the Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE). Slots and other connecters can be found on top of the motherboard, like a part of the RAM. The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is located near the slots. The link HDD 2017-18 A has more facts on the HDD's location and uses. Another drive is the Solid State Drive (SSD), which is also located on the motherboard. The link SSD 2017-18 A has interesting information, and facts on the SSD. Many components of the computer are on top of the motherboard, including the CPU, DRAM chips (for memory), the ROM, the RAM (shown as slots), the BIOS, and the input - output connectors. DRAM chips are found in between the CPU and the main memory, helping them interact; this is known as the Northbridge. Another chip is controlling the input, output controllers; this chip is also known as the Southbridge. The Northbridge and Southbridge chips are also known as the "chipset." A not so important component to the computer that is connected to the motherboard is the heat sink; there is one connected to the Northbridge. This heat sink helps cool down the CPU, since it can become hot very quickly and easily. The link CPU 2017-18 A will give many more uses, and facts about the CPU.  

Mainboard, base board, planar board, and many more names, are all different terms used for the motherboard. As years go by, I am sure more components, and names will be created for this incredible computer piece.

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