Samsung optical drive

Optical Drive (ODD)

In a computer, the Optical Drive is the part which internalizes or externalizes information from storage areas such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and the like. It can read files, music, images, movies and other data from these sources as well as burn them onto said disks with a built in laser. An optical drive looks like a metal box, approx. 4 by 6 in. From inside the computer base or laptop, the ODD is fit so that the end with a ribbon in it will connect to the motherboard to get the information to the screen so it can be viewed. Outside the computer however, all you will see is the bay door, which when opened, will be able to fit a CD, DVD, the like. 

Inside the drawer-like area, there is a circular indentation onto which the disk should fit so that it can turn and be read by the laser. The laser can be visually understood much like an old record player. The record is fit into the facetings and the needle is placed over it to read the grooves on the disk. The replacement of the laser with the needle was an important technological addition that led to the ODD. It is also better than the needle is, because it doesn’t carve the original grooves of a disk away as fast (meaning that one can get more mileage out of one's favorite CD or DVD, etc.) and it can also create disks for home use.

In recent years, the importance of the optical drive has dwindled because music, movies, etc. can all be purchased and stored online or in a cloud. Additionally, the rapid growth of USB storage means that CDs and DVDs are not as important in saving information. About ten years ago, CDs where thought to be more convenient than USBs because they had more storage capacity; USBs were a relatively new idea and were not developed enough to hold large files. For this reason, many people put their memories on CD or DVD disks and use of the optical drive was in high demand. Nowadays however, USBs are considered to be the better bet as they can retain a lot more knowledge and also don’t lose data as easily over time.

LG, Memorex and LEG are the most popular ODD manufacturing companies.


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