by Syd Vicious

Peripherals are external hardware that you can plug into the computer. By adding them, new abilities are made available, though they are not essential to the computer's functioning. The monitor, keyboard, mouse, external modems, and printer are commonly used peripherals. Portable HDDs (hard disc drives) are an example of external peripherals used for storage. Some peripherals are designed for output or input and others, both. All can be easily replaced if damaged or lost without altering the computer's existing state.


Just a typical keyboard.

The keyboards we know today are inspired by those built into typewriters. The QWERTY order of the letters was designed to prevent jamming that resulted from the original, alphabetical order. An early model of the keyboard had a small ball in the middle of it that functioned as a mouse. As people began to soil their balls, they were deemed impractical and were replaced by a separate mouse, which is another commonly used peripheral. Nowadays, most keyboards and mice are wireless, allowing easy portability and general convenience.

USB Cable

A long USB cord.

If the desired wired peripherals outnumber the ports on a computer, USB cables are available to allow all of the peripherals to connect simultaneously. Quickly developing and growing in popularity, USB cables prove helpful in shared spaces where the selection of laptops may differ,such as schools and offices.


Look! A sleek, black webcam.

Thanks to various input peripherals such as microphones and webcams, people don't even have to leave the comfort of their own homes to record music or videos. Self-employment has increased in recent years with the availability of these devices and telecommuting has become increasingly possible now that there is hardware that can simulate an office environment, allowing clear communication to occur via computer.

The invention of peripherals opens a world of possibility to average computer users. They enhance an already complex device, turning your everyday computer into highly capable device that can adapt to personal circumstances and needs.


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