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Power supply when referring to computers pertains to the functions and major components of how a computer operates and its source of power which is called "power supply". Computers are generated by this power supply which holds the essential parts of a computer. The power supply controls the currents that travel from your computer from your home. Power supply controls the input and output of voltages and alternating lines and their frequency. Power supply is responsible for switching voltages and currents to fit specific components in the computer and converts to that computers' specific functions and system. There are two main current lines called the alternating current line -(AC) line and the direct current line -(DC) line. The AC current is a higher- frequency than the DC current which is a lower- frequency current. The Voltages that come from the AC line are too powerful and strong for the sensitive parts within your computer so the switcher technology that the power supply uses converts the volts to a lower power and frequency so that the power supply can distribute power to all parts of the computer that function on both low and high frequency and different power levels. Watts are the measurements of power levels; the number of watts determine the amount of power specifically required by a part within the computer supply. So Watts are converted by switcher technology by either reducing the number of watts or increasing the number of watts. The power supply in a PC is found in the back of the computer. The power supply is usually connected to the power-cord. The power supply uses switcher technology to convert the AC input to lower DC voltages. The Power supply is what switches the computer on and off and controls the flow of power to the power supply. The Power supply generates power to the hard drive of the computer which is basically the brain and storage of the computer. The Power supply generates the fan which cools the computer and prevents it from overheating. It generates power to motherboard which can require a larger watt- supply and the switcher technology that the power supply provides can convert the watts and supply the motherboard with as much or as little power it needs. The power supply also generates power for the CPU. 
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How Computer Power Supply Works: AC and DC Lines And Switcher Technology