This site is going to be about Videocard information,
Grafische kaart - Radeon 9200klein
You have all different kind of videocards.
Ati radeon hd 5450

One of the first videocards where used as a replacement for a printer.

They used printers to visualize what you where doing on your computer but when the videocard came they replaced the printers for monitors [1].

These videocards where made in the 1960's and where really bad if you would compare them to videocards now a days. In 1980 the first real videocard was made, it had two colors and was used in 1981.

A videocard is made out of a few differnt parts. The most important is the GPU (graphical processing unit) it is actually the same as a (central processing unit) CPU [2] besides from the fact that a GPU is only for graphical data and not your central data.

Then a videocard itself has its own memory. Its called the (video random access memory) VRAM. When the first videocard was made in 1981 it had a memory from 4KB wich was for that time of course extremly good.

The whole videocard was called a Monochrome Display Adapter. This was a precursor from the plug-in videocard.

Till 1990 they developed this videocard. And even in 1990 it you had a videocard with now 2 MB memory and over 65,000 colors. Also it had a graphical modus as well. Which means what your resolution is.

After the year 1990 there was another kind of videocard , its called a VGA , which stands for Video Graphics Array. It can still be used now a days on your own computer.

In 1995 the first customer computers came on the market.

You have 2 different kind of videocards. The ones that are built on your motherboard [3] or the ones that you can plug-in.

Now a days we have videocards with over 2 GB memory. The videocards are constantly developing because people see how usefull they are . Specially the people who like to play videogames. They want higher and higher graphics.

written by Daniel and Ashley.